Perennial Bygones


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Perennial Bygones is Bae Tigre's second release. Recording for this album began in March 2015 in the bedroom of Ranelle Johnson, for the basement had flooded. The album showcases layers of live strings played by long-time band cohorts Addison Wasson (cello) and Alex Galle-From (viola). The album was finished in the basement of Wesley Opus. This basement was not flooded. Enjoi.

Perennial Bygones will also be available in some kind of physical form sometime later.


released June 26, 2015

Written & produced by Ranelle Johnson

Vocals, keyboards & drums/beats- Ranelle Johnson
Cello- Addison Wasson
Viola- Alex Galle-From

Mixed by Wesley Opus & Ranelle Johnson
Mastered by Wesley Opus

All instrumentals recorded by Ranelle Johnson
Vocals recorded by Wesley Opus

Album artwork by Jacob Eidem



all rights reserved


BAE TIGRE Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bae Tigre is a musical project led by Minneapolis musician, Ranelle Johnson. Bae Tigre combines electronic and classical influences to create dynamic soundscapes. Addison Wasson (cello), Alex Galle-From (viola), Nathaniel Bates (kaos pads), Katherine Seggerman/John Acarregui (drums) ... more

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Track Name: We Will Go

I have seen the forecast and my mom's dressed in black
The books have told her babies always ride in back
But she wanted me to see the show
We got in the car and headed towards the grey..
We were headed towards the great unknown
When we reached the end we found that we are all alone
When we go.

I've invited protesters, they're fighting to make history
And the drifters, wanderers..they're living life for the journey
And we'll write a book before we go
We will write a book so that we have something..
We will have something that we can show
Some proof that we have lived a life before we go
We will go...
Track Name: Hello, Goodbye

We've waited too long...they said
it's not the right time
So we'll go anyways
and they'll get left behind

Headed out, making noise in all directions..singing
Hello, Goodbye
Never settled for the path they made before us..singing
Hello, Goodbye

Wooooooo...they sing...Woooooo

The ones on the hill
remain as monuments
But they never stood still
they lead the movements

Headed out, making noise in all directions...singing
Hello, Goodbye
We left our baggage so they have something to sit on...singing
Hello, Goodbye
Just because we're leaving doesn't mean we're on vacation...singing
Hello, Goodbye
We found new ways and they won't know what they are missing..singing
Hello, Goodbye

Wooooooo...they sing...Woooooo
Track Name: Death to the Fairytale

Well he's just a boy
Tramping towards the trees with bullets
BB gun and mom's pearl necklace

He plugs their bleeding eyes with pearls that gaze
At his mother's grave
and when he returns
She's taken their bodies away

Well she's just a girl
Marching towards a field of caskets
Bleeding squirrels and two shoe boxes

She cries for all the lives that she can't save
Trading pearls for band-aids
And dad's too busy to explain
Still drinking the war away

And one day that boy will meet
His angel in the cemetery
She'll dig her knife in deep
And watch him
She'll watch him bleed
Track Name: Imposable Apocalypse

My eyes cry tears filled up with amphetamine salt
Couldn't pay attention to how you felt
Oh the earth was hurting but we were too busy figurin out
How to fix the humans, now the earth lives without
And few remain picking up coke bottles
adapted to the sugar, synthetic in vials
Driven crazy in silence they turn up the dials
Of broken stereos lining the curbs for miles

On the day of doom
Look around the room
No one's comes for you

They cry
For god
They've lied
To us

Track Name: I'm a Tiger

Girl don't wanna hear you complain. Please change.
Your demeanor
Suck suck suck it up
Suck it, smile
Vacuum cleaner
Push her around, girl she's got it easy
Oh she's angry
Oh god..that girl she must be crazy

Cob webs, old threads
Centuries in this skirt
Kitty cat...callin you to flirt
Just because I'm woman now you're asking where I'm going
Well I went to make some music
Now they ask which man around me wrote it

Not a pussy, kitty cat call...I am a tiger
A strong human and a fighter. look so tired
Did all our efforts to get noticed?
Did they make or break us..
Cant I...just enjoy the ride?
Without excuse to get somewhere?
Well maybe we'll get there
And this all will feel better

Boys lack respect every time they make a dare
Makes me cringe every time I hear "grow a pair."
If courage is the quality found in masculinity?
Then why are you fighting that insecurity...damn

Alls I gotta say is god damn

Well I was just a young girl
Oh such a young girl
I covered up my face...put my body in its place
I held out...I'll hold out a little longer
My body may be weak but my mind is growing stronger

He said there's better ways, better time and place to bring it up
Either way..I still think that you won't give a fuck
Well I don't give a fuck..they may call me a monster
But I was born this way..
I was born a tiger.

Not a pussy, kitty cat call...I am a tiger
A strong human and a fighter.
Track Name: Eye of the Passenger

Passenger open, close your eyes
Weary, we travel through the night

Passenger contemplate your life
Passing each moment to arrive

And I....
am taking time, to drift through worldly wonders
And I...
Lose track of time
And I...
am taking time to bathe in sounds and colors
And I'll....
Soak in the vibe

Passenger open, close your eyes
Choose what to see, you pull the blinds

Passenger stop to see the signs
And all the ones we've left behind

And I...
won't close my eyes..Can't miss the sky change colors
It shines...
Both day and night
Cause time...
It pulls the light that counts our days in numbers
So I....
will live and die.

Never find our way
Gotta find our way
Never find our way
Gotta find our way
We'll keep searching

Never find our way
Gotta find our way
Never find our way
Gotta find our way
Time keeps moving

Never find our way
Gotta find our way
Never find our way
Gotta find our way...
Track Name: Perennial Bygones

The man he said he had a shadow
It drug the man into a battle
And when he died they took the body
And left his shadow, hung in the tree

How many times have I asked the question why?
How many years have I held this pain inside?
Are you insane to think that things will change with time?
Are you to blame for feeling rage, compelled to fight?
Cause it's not right

The boy shot down without a reason
Like the girl he didn't want that kind of attention
And if one day one is president
When they take the throne..
Will we rise up with them?
You know...
we've pave these roads.
But the change...
the change is slow

How many times do you lie awake at night?
How many days have you lost your appetite?
Is it a phase, can you erase sins of this kind?
Will we remain, forgotten names..swept up by time?
Swept up by time..

The answer is blowin in the wind
But the questions, they pull us in all directions
The dove washed ashore, she slept inside the current
She learned to sing, but never learned to listen
You know..
we've paved these roads.
But the change...
the change is slow

Old man take a look at my life
I'm not like
Old man take a look at my life
I'm not like

(repeats until end)